Lake George is a natural spring fed lake, which makes the water stunningly clear. The East Side of Lake George is near Fort Ann. A very close friend of mine and I kayak together often, and we recently hiked a mile or so down to Log Bay and took the yacks out to an island. When we docked we realized there was a camp site on the island that included a fire pit and outhouse! There was a sunshower on our way back to the trailhead and a giant double rainbow appeared over our heads. It was otherworldly to see both ends of it touching the water.

The West Side of Lake George is near Bolton Landing. The trails have creeks creating waterfalls at some points. Yesterday we went kayaking at Northwest Bay. The issue in the Tongue Range is the presence of poisonous snakes. I’ve encountered 2 rattle snakes on hikes on this side of Lake George. I was wearing boots and pants like a sensible hiker and they’re easily avoidable on the trails if you’re keeping yourself alert and aware of your surrounds. When you’re on a small island in the middle of the lake and see a water moccasin swimming next to you, that’s a whole other issue!! I think I’ll stick to the East Side for water activities from here on out after seeing the snake in this post once it beached itself.


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