Vascular Health Partners is the absolute best nursing job I’ve ever had. In 2015, Dr. Mehta & Dr. Paty offered me a position I couldn’t deny. We were all working for The Albany Vascular Group at the time, a practice of 21 physicians with 11 locations in the Capital District. At that point I was strictly doing venous procedures at the outpatient pavilion in Albany, New York. When my two favorite doctors decided to branch out and make their own practice, my boss left the pavilion to be their nurse manager. I realized being the only LPN in their office would be the best decision I could possibly make for my career at the time. Now a couple of years later it absolutely was the job offer of a lifetime. Not only was I the nurse who triaged their patients, I also got prior authorizations for the CTA scans and surgeries they would need, and helped set them up for surgery. I was in charge of scrubbing in on all vein cases as first assist. Along with all of that I needed to prep charts for future clinics, take phone calls for patients with issues status post surgical interventions, and delegate tasks I didn’t have time for to reception such as calling doctors offices for patient records. I had to keep everything in order because all accountability laid on me for most of what went on in the practice. It made me so strong in the sense that anything that was thrown at me, I knew as long as I stayed organized, I could tackle it with full confidence I would complete the task.

When travel nursing was nearing an end, Vascular Health Partners had a LPN position listed on Community Care’s website. The main office is in Queensbury, and every Friday there’s a clinic held in Gloversville. This position was for a new location opening up July 10th in Latham. I would be starting the clinic bottom up all over again, and was so ready and confident to tackle all of that responsibility again. I’ve got the place set and ready to be up and running on Monday. I had assistance from my coworker in Queensbury and the nurse manager who I’ve worked very closely with for 3 years now. It’s so wonderful to be back in the swing of things. The best part is, I don’t need to switch jobs or move out of state when my contract is over like when I was traveling. Don’t get me wrong, it was lovely we were able to work while touring the country. That alone made our grand adventure possible and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. But damn it’s good to be home, working with the best crew out there.

It may sound like a cliche, but I love New York. 


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