Lake Desolation is a quaint area about 20 minutes outside of Saratoga in the town of Middle Grove. It features an island in the center of the lake. There are nearby hiking trails at Archers Vly, Ireland Vly, and Spruce Mountain. The Post Cafe is a great place for breakfast, and Tinneys has lots of options for lunch and dinner. The staff at both places give off a hometown feel. My fiancé grew up here, and today we spent the day together wandering around. I never realized how many different outdoor activities there are to do right here in our own back yard. I’m grateful to be able to spend the summer here, and look for houses in the area! It’s definitely an underrated little town hidden in the Adirondacks.

The best part about a rainy spring, is all the rainbows.

Fishing at Archer’s Vly

Sacandaga Lake near Northville


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