Dewitt and I wanted to make this 43 hour drive from Bishop, California to Lake Desolation, New York as quickly as possible. First, we made sure our oil levels were in check, brakes were good, all lights were in working order, etc. Then after grocery shopping, we filled our gas tanks and hit the road. All in all, we made the drive in 3 and a half days! I still managed to get some amazing photos and soak up as much of each state as humanly possible in such a short time. We’ll miss the views of the Eastern Sierra Mountains, but not as much as the people we met in this little town.

Bishop, California:

Humboldt National Forest in Nevada:

Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah:

The mountains surrounding the Green River Gorge in Wyoming:

Prairie dogs, cows & a dino in Nebraska:

Iowa is cornfields:

Half way there, crossed the Mississippi River which is the border between Iowa and Illinois:

A stunning country sunset in Ottowa, Illinois & Starved Rock State Park:

Puffy clouds & creepy barns in Indiana:

Farm Country in Ohio:

Crossing the tip of Pennsylvania which was covered in these flower bushes:

Officially back in New York at 1:30am, woke up to the beautiful sight of Lake Desolation & headed to Schenectady to see my best friend & hit my favorite local hike, Plotter Kill Preserve:

Traveling was amazing and I am so grateful I got to see our country coast to coast. But regardless of how beautiful the mountains were in Colorado and California, or how nice it was to skip winter in Arizona, no where we went ever gave me the warmth in my heart like when we got back to our home town and I got to wrap my arms around my best friend & her baby bump. I never LOVED a job the way I love working for the Vascular Health Partners, who gave me a wonderful opportunity once again beginning next Monday. We couldn’t be happier to be home!

“We shall not cease from exploration, and at the end of all our exploring we will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” -T.S. Eliot


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