Choosing Wisely…

My fiance and I have decided that I will take one last assignment and then we will hit the road back to NY in June. This has been one amazing experience. There’s no way we would have seen over 10 states (and counting) this year if it weren’t for taking a leap of faith, hopping in our RV, and hoping this would all work out. Trust me, there were bumps in the road. So many bumps. But, there is nothing that can replace the impression this journey has left on us. Traveling has made me see how tiny of a place I truly occupy in this giant we call Earth. We chose to start looking at houses back in NY, where our friends and family we miss so much will be close by. Also, now we both have new career opportunities in NY that we do not have in any other state, and that is huge.

I switched companies for my last assignment.

I am now working for Tru Staff. For you travelers out there – my recruiter, Frank has been very helpful and on top of things. Tru Staff offers a sign on bonus, and more money per week than Core or Supplemental Healthcare. I let Frank know I only wanted to work in mid to northern California or Oregon for this assignment. Those have been our top 2 places we wanted to visit since we began our road trip in October. It turned out I had 2 options;

1.) Bishop, CA: 12 hr day shift, 3-4 days a week, OT available, responsible for 25-30 patients, no admission nurse, treatment nurse to help.

2.) Ukiah, CA – 8 hr evening shift, 5 days a week, no OT available, responsible for 35+ patients, no admission nurse, no treatment nurse.

We chose Bishop! This little mountain town is everything we could have hoped it would be. We are within walking distance to all of the bars, shops and restaurants. There are a ton of off roading trails, we are 10 minutes from a gorgeous hot spring, and just totally encased in the Sierra Mountains. We’ve been here for a week and are absolutely ecstatic to call this place home for the next 3 months.

Keough Hot Springsbrrr


Sierra MountainsbrrrrrDSC04457_1.jpg

Stay tuned for information about our trip to the gorgeous Channel Island National Park in Ventura, CA.


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