As per Donkey in Shrek, “On the road again!”

The last couple of days in Colorado were beautiful and snowy. We watched the aplenglow take over Pike’s Peak, took one last trip to Red Rock Canyon and went on a date in the city we fell in love with; Denver. The beauty of this diverse, mountainous state easily takes my breath away. I will miss it, but it’s time to move on.

Once we hit the road, we are on a mission. But, we don’t like to drive for more than 8 hours a day. Instead of driving straight through we break it up in order to experience where we are. The first night we made it from Colorado Springs to Durango, about 6 hours south. We found an off the grid camping site, and it was free! (See bottom of post for website used to find free off the grid camping.) Free camping is few and far between when you’re camping with a 30′ home on wheels. The serenity of waking up in the middle of no where is unlike anything in the world. It was a nice change from cramped RV parks.

The drive out of Durango, Colorado had some of the most gorgeous views I’ve seen here.

Our first stop in Arizona was another off the grid camping site in a national park just outside of the Grand Canyon. The dogs loved being able to run around and play while we had a fire. We drove the Subaru though the woods to look for wild life. We didn’t see any mountain lions, but we saw quite a few elk bones in the trees. It was then we realized our dogs were in danger if they weren’t close by!

The Grand Canyon had views for miles. If you haven’t visited, I highly reccommend you do in your lifetime. The first day it poured on and off all day long, and the second day it was snowing. Luckily the sky opened up long enough to get some of the magnificent views in! Next time we plan to hike, but it was 25° with a strong wind blowing in every direction.

Almost lost my hat here!

The following day, we made it to Yuma. The desert-like, palm tree filled city is small and quaint. There are THE BEST authentic Mexican restaurants here, something we long for in New York! My first day of work was a bit intimidating as 75% of my patient population’s primary language is Spanish, in which I do not speak. I am willing to learn, I just wish I knew ahead of time so I could prepare! I worked a double on Christmas eve and on Christmas day. Dewitt came to visit, and made those 16 hour days doable. We really, really miss our family and friends right now. Holidays are the hardest part of this journey. Thank goodness we have each other! His presence is the best gift I could ever ask for.

Did you know Christmas lasts until the following day for nurses who bust their asses on the holiday? …Me either 😉

Check out this site for more information on free camping:


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