We’re going to Yuma, Arizona!

I am just ecstatic to announce I have been accepted to my first (actual) travel nursing assignment. It’s been a rough 2 months working for PRN staffing agencies. With no housing allowance, and getting called off of shifts on a weekly basis, stress definitely crawled under my skin. But I must say, with agency nursing now under my belt, I feel as if any set of tasks can be thrown my way, and I will be able to handle them. I’ve been to about 10 different facilities at this point. Some were rough, where 60 patients were put on my plate and I had to tackle everything. Other places were much more reasonable with about 20 residents. Aspen Pointe, the mental health clinic, still takes the cake as my favorite facility I had the pleasure of working at here in Colorado. I’m happy I got all of the experience I did, regardless of the stress – It’s made me a better nurse.

The thing about travel nurse interviews, is that they are all via phone. It can be tough to prove you’re a hard worker. One tip I have, take all of your work seriously. Get great references, they really make a big difference. I was told I had glowing references, (thanks Carl and Manny!) I sincerely am a reliable and flexible hard worker. Most importantly, I care about every patient I take care of. I’ll be their advocate and someone they can trust in.

My first day will be 12/19/2016 at a rehabilitation facility in the warm and sunny Yuma, Arizona. It will be our first warm winter, ever; which will be a nice treat for us and the RV considering our pipes have frozen a few times now that Colorado’s highs are in the 30’s.  We’ll miss these giant, snowy mountains, but are excited to continue to travel in “The Magic Bus” and see more of the country! We will have a couple of days to spare, so I am planning a couple of pit stops along the way. The Grand Canyon is a must! I’d be in heaven mining for turquoise as well, but I’m having a really hard time finding mines that are open to the public. Hitting a hot spring would be a nice way to relax before jumping into my new job.



13 thoughts on “Travel Nursing: Arizona, Here We Come!

  1. We area talking about AZ. next for an assignment also. Just to be warm again. The temps here in Oregon are not bad though right now. High 30’s at night and 50ish in the days. I am told they really don’t get snow here in Roseburg.
    Good luck to you! 🙂

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