Home on wheels. 

I feel very fortunate that my fiance and I are able to take everything we own, everywhere we go without packing a single box. We’ve stayed at quite a few campsites here in Colorado;

  • Cherry Creek State Park just outside of Denver.
  • KOA Holiday in Central City. (By far my favorite.)
  • Garden of the Gods RV Resort in Colorado Springs.

There are so many perks of living in our RV. We are able to make it our own, and it’s very homey! We live within the great outdoors, what could be better than mountain views, walking distance to 2 hiking trails, a bike trail and a beautiful creek?! It allows us so much freedom in that if we don’t like where we’re staying, we’re not required to stay due to a lease. Rent varies at campsites, but it’s usually much cheaper than an apartment, and lots of times electric and WiFi are included. We’re always allowed to have our two dogs with us, with renting that can be a serious hassle. We don’t need to worry about caring for a yard as the groundskeepers do so for us! Usually our “neighbors” only stay for a weekend, or a week tops. We’ve met some really cool people from all over the world. It does not take much time to clean. Having a home on wheels really widens the options for where we can be. We can up and move at any time. We can be where we want, when we want at any time.

My favorite part: Living in such a compact space means getting cozy, and becoming closer to my fiance every day.

Home surely is wherever I am with him.



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