PRN Staffing

Working for Integrated and for Nurse Core has been great. I get city life when working for Integrated, and I’m in the heart of the mountains when I work for Nurse Core. There are more shifts available with Nurse Core, which is wonderful since my fiance and I are living in our RV, there is more long term camping available in Colorado Springs. We have been bouncing around from one state park to another the last month. I’m very excited to say that our home base will now be Garden of the Gods.

Waking up like this isn’t half bad:


I’ve worked at multiple different kinds of facilities;

  • Long Term Care
  • Assisted Living
  • Rehabilitation Center
  • Mental Health Crisis Center

Being a nurse is a very rewarding career. I am able to help people on a daily basis, and in so many different ways as an agency nurse. In long term care I am aiding people in comfort, the dying process, assisting families understand diagnosis, and keeping some elderly folks at the optimum quality of life so they can do their own ADL’s. Assisted livings and rehabilitation centers are similar in that last aspect; keeping people independent. It’s really gratifying when people get to a high level of autonomy, and get to go back home. I can see the happiness in their eyes the moment I tell them they’re ready and will be discharged.

The mental health crisis center is the most challenging job I’ve accepted, though it has been my favorite place to work thus far. Admission to discharge is 72 hours when a patient comes to us on a “M-1 hold.” In that time, the nurses are responsible for the well-being of the patient as usual, making sure they get the absolute best care before they are to be sent home. I work closely with psychiatrists and psychologists who assess the patients each day. Hearing that someone has tried to take their own life; has assaulted another human being; is a paranoid schizophrenic hearing voices; is addicted to heroin or methamphetamine; can be hard to handle at first. They need help, more so than any other clinic I’ve ever worked at before. It’s great to be able to teach them coping skills, get them back on medications they stopped, and get them to the most advantageous level of sovereignty so they can lead a happy and fulfilling life.

   Ending the day like this isn’t too shabby, either;



14 thoughts on “Travel Nursing: PRN Staffing. 

  1. I bet working in mental health is challenging! I deal with a few of them where I work and I can’t imagine having to deal with so many at once and at their worst. Lol when they get bad at my job, they are sent to mental health for assessments 😅 brava! I can only imagine what you go through.


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