Headed West; from New York to Colorado.

Driving from NY to CO was most definitely a long trip! We broke it up into 5-8 hour days, and stayed on rest stops on the highway until we hit CO. They’re free, and convenient for the fact that they don’t take you off of your route at all, and some have propane and water fill up stations as well as dump stations.

Our route consisted of:

NY -> PA -> OH -> IN -> IL -> IA -> NE -> CO

Back in NY, autumn foliage was in full swing. It dwindled down in PA, but the drive was very pretty. Where we drove through, OH and IN had a lot of run down little cities. IL, IA and NE were mostly corn fields and farms. I’m really happy to be back in a mountainous state!

Things we needed to prepare for;

  • Oil Change, before and after the trip.
  • Seal any potential leak spots on the roof for rain and snow.
  • Get a dehumidifier; living in a RV can cause condensation in the windows, and create leaks.
  • Get an electric heater; if you run out of propane it is a great back-up, and also helps with dehumidifying the air in the RV.
  • Get heat wire wrap for pipes.
  • Get antifreeze for sinks, bathtubs, toilets; so your pipes don’t freeze!

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