The beginning of travel nursing is the hardest part.

After being submitted to two positions and not being interviewed, I applied to every job I could in Colorado and New Mexico. Now, a few days later… I HAVE A JOB! It’s not a travel nursing job, but it’s a start. The position is home health care in Colorado Springs. Not only was I able to say yes to this position, and be confident in having a pay check when my fiancé and I arrive, but I also have 2 interviews with travel agencies when I get out there. With that being said, this very well may not be the position I accept when we get to CO. One agency is Integrated Health Care in Denver, CO. The other is NurseCore in Colorado Springs. What’s holding me up with these two organizations is; there’s 5 exams to take for Integrated, and 6 for NurseCore. The exams pertain to every aspect of health care you could think of from OSHA, National Patient Safety Data, hazard communication, infection control, nurse competency, medications and administration (etc.) Being out of nursing school for 3 years, I’m making myself an outline of these items so I can be sure to pass the tests. No way would I want to fail these & show I’m not taking this seriously.

I’m also licensed in Oregon as of this morning! Good things are happening. My biggest piece of advice to anyone trying out this crazy, stressful thing called travel nursing; Don’t give up. Keep trying and applying. Even if you take a position for 6 months and move onto another state, stay determined and think of yourself. No one else is going to put you first.


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