There are a few let downs I’ve experienced lately.

Remember those jobs I was submitted to in New Mexico? Well, I was never interviewed.

They strictly looked at the fact that I have not had long term care experience in over two years (literally 2.5 years to be exact) and automatically discounted me as a candidate right then and there. What they don’t see, is that the Vascular patients I take care of on a daily basis for the last 2 years are of the elderly population. Sure, I may not be changing G-Tubes, suctioning tracheostomies, passing medications… but those are not skills that I have just dropped and forgot. Those are things I brush myself up on and make sure I don’t forget all aspects of nursing.

Not only was I deemed not competent by that employer; (Genesis) but Core Medical does not have any open positions for placement in NM or CO. So I’m now facing the terrifying possibility of not having a job while traveling cross country come October 1st. I absolutely cannot be without a paycheck. Being a mid-twenties female in today’s world with a set of monthly bills the size of mine from a car loan and insurance, student loans, phone payment, etc. I cannot and will not accept not having a job.

Picking Yourself Back Up

How does a nurse take this upsetting news and twist it around to make it positive?

Apply to more nursing agencies. Apply to temporary jobs. Apply to per diem positions. Apply, apply, apply. I need to gain experience in long term care, home care and hospitals so that this isn’t an issue ever again.

A few positions I looked into prior to being set on Core Medical Group were hospitals in CO and NM, as well as a PRN staffing agency called NurseCore. There are 8 states NurseCore works out of, with 2 of the offices being out of Denver and Colorado Springs. I spoke with a recruiter named Kelly, and she was very encouraging in stating, “We have more jobs than we do employees.” She was also thorough and let me know I need to take the necessary nurse competency exams, 6 to be exact, and then she will start by background check to get things started.

The thing that has made me the most excited about picking myself up in this scary situation, is that now I know – My future depends on no one but myself. I have the ability to apply to LPN positions in CO and NM, and show that I am a competent, hard working, reliable, organized nurse. I care about my patients and their families, and I know I’m a great advocate for those who need me to be.

I’ll keep my head held high and apply to more positions than I ever even knew possible.

Wish me luck!


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