Unfortunately, NY is my primary state of residence and it is not a part of the NLC. So I have had to apply for each state individually. However, your life will be 10x easier than mine if your state is a part of the Nurse Licensure Compact Act.

I am officially licensed in Colorado & New Mexico! Colorado was the only state that did not require finger printing, so the application process went a lot faster than the other states I have applied to.

California has received all of my paperwork, and will now need 4-6 weeks for the finger printing process.

Oregon is almost all set, they are just awaiting my transcripts. The LPN program I attended was never the most organized, so I am staying on top of them and making sure they call me once they send out the transcripts.

Arizona will take one more month to be licensed.


There have been some technical difficulties with viewing new jobs posted on Core Medical Group’s site. The recruiter I have been working with has been letting me know what jobs are popping up in the states I will be licensed in. She has sent in my profile to 2 jobs in New Mexico. One is 8 hour evenings at a LTC facility, contract is 11 weeks and the pay is $4,000 per month after taxes & health insurance is taken out. The other position is 16 hour weekends at a LTC facility, contract is 8 weeks and pay is also $4,000 per month after tax. That’s literally double what I make now!


The interview process through Core Medical Group begins once your recruiter goes over the job description, pay and contracted time (and you agree to it all.) Then, your profile is submitted to a specific position. I was submitted to 2 jobs yesterday. Katelyn let me know that it usually takes 1-2 days for the employer to contact you for an interview.


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