The first step: Coffee.

(When isn’t it?!)

1.) Research travel nursing.

  • Look into different agencies, read reviews on each.
  • Pinterest travel nursing for extremely helpful tips.
  • Read different travel nursing blogs and the discussions between people. You can also make a blog and obtain information within your own discussions.
  • Talk to travel nurses.
    • I’m lucky to have met multiple travel nurses who gave me tons of insight to the best nursing agencies. (See below.)

2.) Contact multiple nursing agencies. 

3.) Apply for your license.

  • Go to the online site for the Board of Nursing for each state you want to apply to.
  • Review the qualifications & requirements.
  • Apply online or on paper:
    • Note: Most licenses cost $150-$200
  • Verify your license on
    • Note: Each state costs $30
  • Obtain your finger prints and mail them to each state.
    • Note: $50 fee per state

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